Standard cables [under construction]

Standard Cabling

Though the low profile plugs are popular, they’re not always necessary.  Conveniently enough I also offer standard cabling made up to your individual specifications.  You can navigate through the broad categories using the menu.  With the variety of high quality equipment available to sound recordists available these days, subsequently no two bags/trolleys are the same and often have different cabling needs.  This makes it rather difficult to make a comprehensive shopping cart system or catalogue so I’ve listed examples under some (very) broad categories.  The best thing to do if your interested in some new custom cabling is to contact me and let me know what you’re after.

straightmixertails TCmulti TClemoXLRinout ta3 to xlr straightxlrta3loom straightcameratailshrs lemobncbnc lemo5lemoepic audioltdpoweredoutput BNClemo5lemoepic lectro xlr G3redone web_ta3_ta3 ta3 to xlr web_purple_XL3 web_TA3_XLR_b Web_g3_red web_lectro_line_in TA52XLR TA52TA3 redoneadaptors XLR52XLR3