Work In Progress, But Very Much At Work….Plus Neutrik Rear Twist BNC Plugs…

September 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hello Visitor(s)!

So I must apologise for the unfinished state of my humble little website!

For anyone who’s thinking this must be one of those internet ghost towns, never fear!  I’ve been working on (rather a lot) of cool things for the sound mixers of the world!  As much as I’d love to have a completed site up and running instantly, this isn’t congruent with actually having work to do…

The main news is that I now have upgraded to using Neutrik’s super cool rear twist BNC plugs.  These offer numerous advantages, but the top three (in my book) would be their build quality, the rear twist function itself (whereby you twist the boot of the BNC and not the locking ring, VERY cool for when your receptacle is tricky to access) as well as the overall design which prevents tilting and protects the contacts from deformation due to side pull.  Basically, they’re totally rad and I love them.  Alright? Cool – now please buy some so I can pay off the fancy Neutrik BNC crimping tool I bought…

So what have I been working on you say?  Plenty!  Check out these low profile powered 2040 cables I made for Mary Milton(who provided me with the in situ photo)(also – ) :

m milton bag IMG_1653 IMG_1614
(click for larger image)

These  bits and pieces (FEATURING LOW PROFILE XLR CONNECTORS AND LOW PROFILE TA5 CONNECTORS (did you like that?  I did that for google) I made for Bill Bartlett, who likes the colour pink and is currently using these on a popular reality tv programme:

IMG_1605 IMG_1612

I’ve also been reterminating a shedload of personal mics for Wisycom systems which has been hugely enjoyable.  That’s a technician joke.

Anyways the broad point is – if the site looks a little hard done by it’s because I’m actually working, no matter what anyone else says.  I’ve also had the pleasure of adding many new customers to my books these past few months which has been really terrific.

To close, I’m thinking of using the blog part of my site a little more regularly – what would you like to see?  Plugging my own work gets a little boring after a while…make suggestion!  Email me!